Wear the clothes you would normally wear for skydiving. If you want it for cold weather please let us know so that we can allow for layers.

A. Fullest part.
B. Side of neck to shoulder, stand with arm at a 45 angle. Measure to tip of upper arm bone.
C. Shoulder to elbow take from tip of shoulder to tip of elbow.
D. Elbow to wrist, tip of elbow to wrist bone.
E. Side of neck to raised thumb when arm is parallel to floor. The total of B, C, and D is usually about 4 or 5 inches longer than E.
F. Measure around flexed Bicep at greatest diameter..
G. Chest at fullest part, usually over nipples, for women add cup size.
H. Waist, do not pull tight.
I. Hips, fullest part.
J. Upper thigh, fullest part.
K. Around and just above knee, is usually about 3? above knee cap, over that muscle that protrudes on some people.
L. Crotch to where you took the measurement K. Put the tape measure as high into your crotch as if you had your leg straps on. 
M. Above knee to floor, wear shoes for all of these. L and M should equal N.
N. Wear shoes, and if you know the leg length of pants you buy, please include that.
O. Tape measure at shoulder, down around crotch and back up to meet thetape measure again. Pull it as snug as you would want your suit to fit.

If you have questions about measuring, please email or call us at 610-285-6994.