Bevs skydiving suits Bevs skydiving suits

Fabric & Color Choices

Spandex Colors

I use a heavyweight spandex on my suits for durability. It is a combination of nylon and lycra.

skydiving suits - spandex fabric colors

Windproof Spandex

New windproof spandex colors available for the Conviction Suit!

skydiving suits - windproof spandex fabric colors

Supplex Colors

This is 100% nylon that feels like cotton. Good all around fabric, very durable. Fall rate is a bit slower than nylon, but faster than the polycotton.

skydiving suits - supplex fabric colors

Nylon Taffeta Colors

All nylon, slick fabric used on the front of the suit. Use if you want the fastest fall rate.

skydiving suits - nylon fabric colors

Suits are guaranteed for one year on workmanship. There is no charge on alterations of new suits.

If it is obvious you’ve worn the suit & you need an alteration, there will be a charge. I am well known for my great customer service.

Print Fabric Colors

All prints are polycotton unless otherwise noted.

skydiving suits - print fabric colors

I take great pride in the craftsmanship of my suits. I believe they are one of the best built & most durable suits on the market.

Suits are not guaranteed against wear & tear. I do fix all suits for a reasonable fee if they are returned within 2 weeks or sooner.

Polycotton colors

This is what I use on the legs unless you specify otherwise. If used on the torso, this would be your slowest fall rate. If you add wing and lining, this would be your absolute slowest fall rate.

skydiving suits - polycotton fabric colors

Can be used on torso, grips, forearms, or legs. If you pick a florescent color, this is what I would use.
If you have questions about our guarantee, please email or call us at 610-285-6994. Blue Skies!

Cordura Colors

skydiving suits - Codura fabric colors

Binding Tape Colors

skydiving suits - cinding tape colors