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We are a full service skydiving jumpsuit manufacturer committed to building quality jumpsuits for all of your skydiving needs. We have been in business since 1987, started and run by Bev Furlong, a skydiver since 1978. If you have any questions, Bev can help. We are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Thanks for stopping by!

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Special Offer in August 2013: We will be offering free standard shipping* for all orders placed this month. Please note that rush shipping still incurs a charge. International express is $49.95 and US Priority is $19.95.

Bev Suits being worn by the Canadian Team "Evolution" in Dubai. Skydivers include, Michel Lemay, Martin Lemay, Benoit Lemay, Vincent Lemay and Daniel Paquette. (Daniel Paquette took the picture).

TEam Evolution skydiving over dubai

team evolution - dubai

Team Fastrax: Brianne Thompson attacking a pond at Elsinor during Chicks Rock Boogie 2009 by Niklas Daniel. Read more about it at www.sports2blog.com

Skydiving into a pond: Team Fastrax

Team Fastrax